Frequently Asked Questions


When does Pelican Township hold it’s elections?

Pelican Township holds elections at the same time as the general elections in November of even numbered years.

Property Taxes

When does Pelican Township set it’s levy amount

Pelican Township sets it’s annual levy amount at the Annual Town Meeting which is held the second Tuesday in March.

What is the Annual Levy for 2016?

The total Annual Levy for 2016 is the same as was set for 2015. Road & Bridge $128,500, General Fund $33,000, and Fire Fund $18,500.

Pelican Town Board Meetings

When are Pelican Township Board Meetings held?

Pelican Township Board Meetings are generally held the third Wednesday of each month in the Pelican Rapids Library at 5:30 PM.

How do I get on the agenda of a Board meeting?

You may get on the agenda of a Board meeting by notifying one of the Supervisors or Clerk prior to the meeting, or you may simply attend the meeting and ask about your item.